Altcoin intel bot CryptoPing ICO now live

CryptoPing, a new service launching an assistant bot that can hint at market situation changes and good times to buy a certain altcoin has launched an ICO, ending at the end of June. The service already has over 1,000 investors and more than 169BTC raised.Bot’s market watching and analysis algorithms are already tested and
Pertaining to the service, users will easily be able to sign up and activate the bot and start to get signals in the form of messages from exchanges right away. Being an experienced or new trader, no user gets any advantage over other bot users, because all users receive all signals at the time.
It’s up to traders to weigh the market in signals’ context and make all trading decisions by themselves. Bot signals are simple yet have just right amount of information.. Users receive signal messages that include coin ticker, link to an exchange that produced the signal, trading volume difference for the last hour, change to the coin rate to BTC, the number of signals on the coin for the last 7 days, coin market capitalisation value in USD. All further analysis has to be performed by traders and the result will depend on their experience, interests, and goals.
Additionally, CryptoPing informed in their roadmap they are building a platform for social trading, that will be useful to both new and experienced traders. Pro traders will be able to publish their trading results by signals daily, and new traders will be able to follow pros and copy their trades for a small subscription fee.
The ICO started on May 25, 2017 00:00 UTC and will go until June 25, 2017 00:00 UTC. Or when 1,000 BTC is invested.
CryptoPing FAQ
1,000 BTC is huge! What will you do with the money?
“We will continue developing the bot and other services regardless of how much funds we get from this ICO. Extra funding allows to allocate extra resources and do better things faster and on a larger scale. Please see our roadmap and white paper to get some insight into our plans and vision. Our first major goal is to build a social trading platform for altcoins, and then there’s so much to come.”
Why did you decide to make this bot public instead of keeping it to yourself?
“Initially, we developed the first version of the bot for a closed small group of traders just to profit from it ourselves. But then we felt that it would be very interesting to share it with the world and see the reaction. Any ecosystem benefits from variety and crypto is no exception, so we’re contributing to that.”
Why did you decide to run the ICO?
“We are running this token sale to fund further bot development and also to fund other things that we want to do. We put our project forward, invite everyone to try it out and see if it’s working for them and if our vision is worth investing. Without extra funding, we won’t be able to operate on a larger scale and as fast as we would like to. For example, we think that social trading platform for alts has a lot of potential, but it’s a bigger commitment than the bot beta, so we would like to probe the interest in that as well and ask for help in developing it in the form of crowdfunding.”
What’s the point in raising funds for an ICO when you can just make compounding interest per day?
“The point of raising funds is to attract additional funding to the bot development and future products and apps, get the community involved, and of course, make profits for our investors. But the main motivation is to test our ideas and to gauge interest in the bot and our future plans, keep improving the bot and develop new products, like the social trading platform for alts.”
More information can be found on the CryptoPing website.

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