OKCoin to migrate futures activity to new OKEx platform

OKCoin, the Chinese bitcoin exchange company, with a domestic Chinese exchange, and international user-based exchange out of Hong Kong has announced the launch of OKEX.com for global blockchain asset trading.

The Hong Kong company OKCoin Intl. will now focus on becoming a regulated global fiat-blockchain asset trading platform offering spot and margin trading. OKCoin Intl. will discontinue futures activity on OKCoin.com on May 30, 2017, and help migrate users to the new OKEX.com.

During the migration of users from 14:00 – 17:00, May 30, 2017 (UTC+8), the OKCoin.com platform will be inaccessible. The new platform OKEX will resume futures trading after the migration is complete.

Post-migration, the below changes will take effect:

1. Bitcoin and Litecoin futures trading will no longer be available on OKCoin.com. Bitcoin and Litecoin contracts will trade on www.OKEX.com.
2. OKCoin.com account credentials will be used to log in to OKEX.
3. All trading balances in futures accounts, open positions, and open orders will migrate to OKEX.com. OKCoin.com spot account balances will remain on OKCoin.com for BTC/USD trading.
4. Accounts on OKCoin Intl. and OKEX will be independent of each other. Deposit and withdrawals will be carried out separately.
5. OKEX will provide 0 confirmation for any blockchain asset transfers to OKCoin addresses.
6. OKCoin will provide 0 confirmation for any blockchain asset transfers to OKEX addresses.
7. To all API users, please change the REST API URL from www.okcoin.com to www.okex.com, WebSocket API URL from real.okcoin.com to real.okex.com, FIX API URL from fix.okcoin.com to fix.okex.com. ATTENTION: Users of WebSocket API and FIX API need to prepare the code before 14:00, May 30, 2017 (UTC+8), and change the URL at 17:00. REST API users please complete the URL change before 00:00, June 2, 2017 (UTC+8). Afterward, only spot trading API will be supported on www.okcoin.com.
8. This migration will not affect account balance and security.
9. OKCoin will pre-launch its mobile app due to the advance time App Store and Android Store needs to review. Therefore, during the first 5 days after ver. 2.1.7 is released, users must go to the OKEX tab and log on to the OKCoin International account to trade futures, and go to the OKCoin Intl. tab to fund an account. Nevertheless, OKCoin recommends updating the app after the migration so that no adjustment needs to be made to trade on both OKCoin International and OKEX.
10. This migration will not affect www.bihang.com
11. Migration may be delayed in the event of extreme price volatility or other unforeseen circumstances.

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