Airbitz partners with OpenLedger for barcode log in

OpenLedger ApS announced today they have now partnered with Airbitz, a blockchain technology, and security platform to allow users to log into the OpenLedger decentralized blockchain exchange with the scan of a barcode. Using Airbitz, private keys are instantly created, encrypted, and backed up, meaning that for OpenLedger users, there are no words to write down, no files to save, and no data to encrypt. It all happens automatically.
Ronny Boesing, Founder of OpenLedger ApS, said:

“Airbitz is a blockchain-inspired data security solution that enables end-users to securely access a multi-blockchain environment with a single sign-on experience. Airbitz empowers users to control their own private keys with the familiarity of logging into a website or mobile app and without trusting third party providers. Everyone will enjoy using the Airbitz wallet to log in and enjoy complete control of their information.”

Since its release, Airbitz developers have been able to use this open-source Edge Security SDK for their decentralized applications. Airbitz now powers the leading decentralized applications in the blockchain space including Augur, Wings, Lunyr, Sphre, and now OpenLedger.

Paul Puey, CEO of Airbitz

Paul Puey, CEO of Airbitz, explained:

“OpenLedger is powerful and exciting project for us at Airbitz. For years we’ve advocated that the power of bitcoin and digital currencies is in the ability for users to control and own their funds. The necessity of centralized exchanges has compromised this core value proposition of blockchain technology and has been the root cause of hundreds of millions of dollars of cryptocurrencies’ loss and theft.”
“The OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX) delivers the dream of digital asset exchange with no central authority and risk, and we’re proud to partner with and power this massively disruptive project.”

Based in Denmark, the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC), is the world’s first blockchain powered conglomerate, based on BitShares technology, supporting an ecosystem which includes the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and OpenLedger’s Crowdfunding (ITO) Services. The OpenLedger DEX is now one of the most powerful cryptocurrency platforms designed for high-speed transactions, allowing users to trade assets in real time, securely, and with ultra-low fees.

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