BitMEX unleashes new front-end updates, new mobile app coming soon

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX announced a slew of new features launching today. The update contains nearly a dozen commits focused on edge-case bugfixes, data-saving, and performance.

BitMEX also stressed they intend to especially focus on mobile users in the future, with its own native app coming out soon. In the meantime, exchange developers are working on making the platform faster and leaner so it’s usable on more devices.

Below is the list of new updates users can take advantage of:

BitMEX now supports the following Time In Force (TIF) options on any Limit Orders:

– GoodTillCancel – This is the default TIF, meaning the order is open until filled or canceled.
– ImmediateOrCancel – When this is active, the order will execute as much quantity as possible upon placement, then cancel.
– FillOrKill – Like IOC, but must fill the entire quantity. If it is unable to immediately fill its entire quantity, it will reject instead.

Funding Cost: On the XBTUSD Swap, BitMEX now shows an indication of what the next funding cost/rebate would be.

Advanced Order Option Indicators: When using advanced features like Time In Force, Hidden, Post-Only and the like, the options will now highlight in red to be more noticeable. This should help with accidental hidden or post-only orders.

Improved Indicative Unrealised PNL: On the active contract, BitMEX now works the order up the book to give a better indication of what the close PNL would be with a market order.

– The typical caveats apply: liquidity may change between the generation of this number and the execution of a Close order.
– Shows a coarser indicative PNL for the inactive contract, as the browser only downloads order books for the active contract.

Improved Average Entry Price: On contracts like the XBT series, where the product has a different tick size than the index (e.g. 0.10 vs 0.01), now shows an average entry price rounded to the more precise size.

Amend Stops on Chart: Stop orders now show on the chart, and their triggering prices can now be amended on the chart by dragging.

Confirmation Dialog for Stop Price: If a user sets a stop price such that it would immediately trigger, either in the orders list or via the chart, the user will now be prompted for confirmation. No more accidentally-triggered stops.

Install to Homescreen: On Android, after a few visits, BitMEX will offer to install itself as a shortcut to the home screen. This will load a cached version of the mobile site in fullscreen.

Updated Login Notifications: Login emails now include the browser and country that BitMEX was accessed from.

Performance Improvements and Bugfixes:

– Bugfix (Frontend): Fixed an issue where stale orders would sometimes remain on the list after a connection outage.
– Bugfix (Frontend): Fixed a bug where the site would reach an inconsistent state if a user attempted to view an expired or missing contract.
– Bugfix (API): There were occasions where the real-time feeds would emit insert, update, or delete before a partial came through. This has been fixed.

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