XRP expands to more exchanges

Ripple, known for its ability to give solutions for value exchange, is now expanding with other companies in order to promote XRP. Ripple’s David Patterson gives up-to-date news in his article, XRP Liquidity to Deepen with Listings on Six New Exchanges.”

Ripple is partnering with several more digital asset exchanges, such as Bitso, Coinone, bitbank, SCI’s BuyBitcoin, AlphaPoint platform exchanges, Singapore’s Quoine, and SBI Virtual Currencies later this year…It has also deepened its partnership with BitGo. Ripple is listing XRP on these exchanges to help others make global payments and assist growing markets. New sources of XRP are giving it greater liquidity.

BitGo, which has partnered with Ripple, is pleased with the direction in which XRP is going. They enjoy working with Ripple, and it seems to be a lasting partnership. They say that they are looking forward to the coming year, and that it will be a good one. Bitgo, is aiding Ripple in affiliating with other exchanges through the development of XRP wallets, which was announced earlier this year.

XRP has become more and more popular as time has gone on. As a digital asset, it is widely used for foreign exchanges due to the ease it gives of making transactions across borders. XRP has proven stability, and payments with it are easier and faster than anything else available. Its largest benefit is that it can be used anywhere in the world with no issues at all.

The liquid factor of XRP is important, and it is only looking up at this point.  David Patterson states that: “XRP could lower liquidity costs for banks by approximately 98 percent.”

Companies are beginning to realize the value of this. Through the increased exchange throughout many countries, XRP is becoming easier and easier to use. It is conveniently capable of being used with other currencies, making transactions far simpler. New markets are opening up all the time as the potential of XRP is being realized. Companies now can carry out their business in a much more straightforward manner and can help their customers in a hassle-free way.

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