Bitcoin derivatives exchange Deribit adds daily settlement feature with P&L

Bitcoin derivatives exchange Deribit has announced that within the next 24 hours it will go live with an update that will include daily settlements.

For users, this means that between settlements, gains or losses in futures trading will show up in “Session UPL” (unrealized profits and losses) and “Session RPL” (realized profits and losses).

Those 2 new parameters will show up in the summaries. The profits and losses shown in Session UPL and Session RPL are profits and losses made between settlements (in the session between 2 settlements).

Users will also find a “PL” the summaries, which is simply the profit and loss from your open positions.

At settlement (every day at 08.00h UTC) futures trading gains/losses will be transferred to or from the BTC Cash balance.

Session profits cannot be withdrawn from the platform until after settlement.

Monthly and Quarterly Future

As reported already, the company recently introduced a Monthly future and the market depth and liquidity has improved as a result with quotes tighter than ever. Often there are spreads of just $0.01 now. As of the time of writing, there is an annualized premium of 172% on the Monthly and 51% on the Quarterly.

Office in Amsterdam

This week Deribit also opened a new office in Amsterdam.

Portfolio Margining

There are some delays on plans to add Portfolio Margining, with the company stating it will launch soon as possible.

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