BitMEX updates platform UI and completes integration with Sierra Chart

BitMEX, the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange announced new added features to the platform UI for this month. Firstly, animations now flash green and red to indicate if a price is increasing or decreasing. The purpose is to help users keep a watchful eye on their positions, order book, etc.
Additionally, unrealized profit and loss (P&L) can now be hovered over, which will give traders a quick snapshot of their P&L if they were to exit at market. At this time, the calculation simply assumes a full exit at the best bid/offer. In future revisions, BitMEX stated they will run a full book calculation taking into account current liquidity and position size. The exchange cautioned that even when the updated version hits, there is no guarantee present liquidity will hold by the time an order gets to the engine.
The company further made minor visual changes, including improvements to mobile rendering and speed, which is part of its long-term plan of improving its mobile experience.
Lastly, it’s now possible to place sell orders above a limit up price and buy orders below a limit down. This can come especially handy on pre-release contracts to get orders in at preferred prices.
BitMEX also informed that after beta testing was introduced last month, integration with trading platform Sierra Chart is complete and available to all users.

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