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Chinese crypto exchange Yuanbao set to list ETH and ETC

It was announced from Chinese crypto exchange Yuanbao Jinhui (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. that as of tomorrow, the company will start to list new trading pairs against CNY which include, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

ETH and ETC will officially list on May 17, 2017, at 11:00 and be added to the CNY trading area.

ETH and ETC trading rules:
1. Opening price: ETH: 600CNY, ETC: 40CNY
2. Price decimal places: 0.0001
3. Number of decimal places: 0.0001
4. Trading hours: 7 days week/24 hours a day
5. Price limit: None
6. Fees: Buy 0, sell 0.2% CNY

Yuanbao is a popular cryptocurrency asset exchange within China, and services crypto trade of top coins against CNY directly.

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