Evolve Markets adds Litecoin support with SegWit now activated

Bitcoin-based trading platform Evolve Markets today added support for Litecoin trading with leverage set at 3:1. Users can now access LTC/USD and LTC/BTC.
The company’s announcement was planned to coincide with the much-awaited SegWit activation on the Litecoin protocol.

Litecoin is now the biggest altcoin to successfully activate SegWit, which went live at around 6:00 PM London time on the 10th of May 2017. With the activation, LTC based SegWit transactions are now available depending on the wallet.

On the inclusion of Litecoin, Evolve Markets Managing Director Peter Spyro said:

“We like that LTC has years of exchange support and distribution. We consider it the most fairly distributed crypto and a perfect silver to bitcoin’s gold. With the activation of SegWit, we are looking forward to the Lightning Network and are exploring a deeper integration of Litecoin into our platform.”

Litecoin might receive more enhancements as The Lightning Network (LN) could be deployed next, adding a second layer protocol on top of the existing protocol. It will enable the Litecoin network to handle thousands of transactions per second, using the base on-chain layer only as a settlement for payments.