Korea crypto exchange Bithumb now set to launch Ripple (XRP) trading

With the spike in Ripple (XRP) prices this week came further attention to the Ripple protocol. This week saw the price of Ripple more than double in USD terms from 0.08 to as high as 0.22 to now settle around 0.18 heading into Friday trading.

A couple of days ago, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinone announced the launch of XRP on the exchange set to commence this upcoming Monday. The addition will allow users to trade XRP against Korean won (KRW).

XRP doubling against USD on this week’s chart.

Now Bithumb, another Korean exchange (Korea’s first crypto exchange in fact) is set to start XRP trading as well next week, and on the same day as Coinone. The company made recent headlines starting with last week’s revelation to list Litecoin and also Ethereum Classic this week. Prior to these announcements of Bithumb listing LTC, ETC, and XRP, Dash too was added to the exchange late last month.

Quick Ripple Specifications (XRP) on Bithumb:

1) Coin name: Ripple (XRP)
2) Introduction: Asset-driven technology, Ripple is a new payment protocol that uses a unique encrypted currency (XRP). Unlike bitcoin or ethereum is not of complete decentralization, but Ripple says they are working on plans to make more decentralized. Developed by OpenCoin Inc. (now Ripple) led by Arthur Britto, Jed McCaleb, and David Schwartz. Specializes in distributed ledger technology-based global real-time billing system that can process large amounts of payments quickly, and is currently focusing on remittance services for institutional banks.
3) Opening date: 3rd week of May
4) Trading Currency: KRW
5) Deposit/withdrawal: Ripple (XRP) issuance of electronic XRP wallet is possible in wallet management

XRP has held steady after its spike this week, consolidating now and finishing the last 24-hours up 2-5% against other assets at the time of writing.