BitPanda adds integrated Litecoin wallet

BitPanda, the European-based cryptocurrency exchange last month announced the re-addition of Litecoin to the service.

The company reported high user demand for it which prompted the firm to make the decision to re-enable the buying and selling of LTC.

Today, the company announced that in the wake of development within the Litecoin community and the developments regarding SegWit on Litecoin, it has decided to go one step further and offer full Litecoin integration on

Now users will be able to have their own Litecoin wallet directly on This provides the opportunity to instantly buy and sell Litecoins, which then can be safely secured in the wallet.

Once on the site to do a Litecoin transaction, just add the desired amount and fulfill the payment. Litecoins will then be transferred directly into your Litecoin wallet hosted on BitPanda from where the coins can be sent wherever and whenever you like.

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