Newly launched offers purchasing bitcoin with SOFORT, Giropay and more

New European centered bitcoin buying portal went live last month allowing anyone to purchase bitcoin fast and easy. The bitcoin broker launched with the support of the most popular payment methods for European users and is looking to add more.

Bitmoney is unique in that the service will automatically create a wallet for someone that might not already have one, and then automatically transfer the newly purchased bitcoin upon payment completion to that freshly created wallet.

A company spokesperson said, “the automatically created wallet is provided by Spectrocoin or people can use whatever wallet they have themselves elsewhere if they don’t have a wallet. The BTC is transacted as soon as payment is confirmed, which is instant with the current payment methods.”

SOFORT was of prime importance to be supported by Bitmoney to purchase bitcoin and is easy for anyone with an email address to get started. One of the most used payment options in Europe is

SOFORT, mainly used in Germany and Austria, but also available as alternative payments systems in other countries.

In addition to SOFORT, Bitmoney launched including the support of other popular payment methods for customers in The Netherlands with iDEAL, Belgium with Mistercash/Bancontact, and furthermore in Germany with support also for Giropay. says they plan to feature more payment options in the future, first by opening up Neteller and Skrill, and eventually other methods widely used online. Max purchase amounts are set at €10,000 for all current methods.

The team at Bitmoney explained they are expecting to launch Mastercard, Visa, and AMEX as payment methods within the next few months, these methods will have a higher purchase amount targeted for €15,000.

Bitcoin has been the best performing asset since 2016 and has gained more than 3 times its value in the last year. From a technological perspective, bitcoin continues advancing and Bitmoney believes it’s only a matter of time before it becomes more mainstream. It is by far and away more advanced in adoption compared to all other cryptocurrencies and is exponentially increasing every year.

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