Digital currency exchange Kraken sets new 24 hour volume record

It was a good week for San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken as the company announced that on Friday, May 5, 2017, it set a new record for trading volume across all digital assets in a 24hr period at $178,521,474.

This number topped Kraken’s previous record set on March 17, 2017, by 25%.

BTC/EUR volume led the way with over $47 million traded, and ETH/EUR volume came in second with over $25 million traded. BTC/ETH conversions were also in high demand.

Surprisingly, the crypto-to-crypto based trading pair exceeded $20 million in volume to place as the third most traded asset.

A table of the top 10 assets traded during the record day is below:

Noted for its popular BTC/EUR trading, this week digital currency data provider TradeBlock added Kraken exchange rates to its bitcoin price index.

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