Cryptocurrency portfolio and tax platform CoinTracking introduces new features

CoinTracking, a portfolio management platform for the tracking and tax reporting of bitcoins and other digital currencies has recently announced a bunch of new features and new exchange imports.

This week the company added Coinmate,, Coinbase and GDAX imports plus announced the improvement of the Bitstamp API import. Cryptopia, a New Zealand based crypto-exchange was also added at the end of April.

New improvements to the platform introduce 4h performance to the Dashboard and the Current Balance page. Also, a coin value percentage history chart has been added to the Trade Statistics page.

Further updates have added by popular demand the possibility to set custom prices for coins and currencies. This can be useful for ICO coins, which are not yet on the market. Custom prices are presently taken into account in all charts, tables, and calculations.

Other features recently added include the following:

Screenshot of the new “Timeline” feature in the CoinTracking Dashboard