Coinfloor April solvency report shows 4.7% MoM decrease to 7.4k XBT held for clients

UK-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinfloor published its April 2017-37th monthly Provable Solvency Report today.

The report shows that as of April 27th, Coinfloor holds a total of 7,454.8454 XBT in custodian on behalf of clients, this is 4.7% lower than the 7,825.2923 XBT reported for March.

Coinfloor clients still seem to be taking advantage of higher bitcoin prices and are converting more bitcoin out of the exchange. Bitcoin today reached a new all-time high past $1,327 USD.

Even though a number of bitcoins held are less than previous months, with the rise in BTC prices, the exchange now holds roughly $1.9 million more dollars than

March’s report at today’s exchange rates, a 23.6% increase in USD value.

Month-over-month change in XBT held (-4.7%)

7,825.2923 XBT (bitcoin) equals $8,078,049.24 US dollars – Total for March
7,454.8454 XBT (bitcoin) equals $9,991,356.55 US dollars – Total for April

Month-over-month USD change = $1,913,307.31 US dollars (+23.6%)

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