IndieSquare releases updated mobile wallet with address book and watch only address

IndieSquare, maker of the first Counterparty wallet built for mobile devices has just released wallet version 1.0.3 for iOS and Android. An address book and watch only address features are the main enhancements.
The new features can be accessed through the small icon at the bottom right corner of the wallet.

The new widget on IndieSquare wallet to access new features

Users can now add frequently used addresses to the new address book and access them quickly when needed.

Watch Only Address

Users can also now use watch-only addresses and check the balances directly from IndieSquare Wallet. These new features have been developed as web applications, based on Angular and can be used from the wallet seamlessly.

IndieSquare’s new WebSDK will allow 3rd party developers to create custom apps inside of IndieSquare Wallet that can retrieve the user addresses, sign custom transactions and more.

The company says it strives to provide a great environment for developers who wish to create OS-independent new and unique services utilizing tokens (WebSDK will be made public soon).

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