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Blockchain fintech firm Equibit adds to development team fresh off successful ICO

Equibit Development Corporation (EDC), builder of a decentralized securities platform called Equibit has announced the addition of two developers, Sergei Sachkov and Kiarash Narimani, to its existing team. With the recent completion of its digital token crowdsale, raising over $570,000, the Toronto-based company is moving on to its next set of milestones, which includes preparing the Equibit Core and Web Portfolio Github repositories for public release.

Sergei Sachkov, formerly a professor and scientist at Pacific National University in Khabarovsk City, Russia, joins EDC with six years of senior software development experience.

Sachkov recently spent three years as a lead software architect, developing 3D graphics engines and performing general-purpose computations on graphical processing units at Geosoft, a group focused on data management software for mapping and modeling the Earth’s surface.

Prior to Geosoft, Sachkov was a developer in Intel’s security division, designing new architecture and writing core modules for antivirus software.

Marc Godard, Co-Founder and CTO at Equibit Development Corp

Marc Godard, CTO of EDC said:

“Sachkov brings a wealth of knowledge to Equibit and will be a strong asset in helping us build out Equibit Core.”

“The expertise that our expanded development team brings to EDC is very exciting, we’re fortunate to have such talent with unique experience and broad skillset.”

“I’m confident their addition to the team will help take us to the next level and bring Equibit Core, as well as our other products, to market on time.”

Kiarash Narimani has spent the past decade establishing himself as a senior software developer at some of Canada’s most well-recognized firms. He’s also been involved in researching cryptography, encryption algorithms (RSA, ECC, AES, 3DES), information security models (PKI, CA) and protocols (PGP, S/MIME, SSL, TLS, IPSec), key management, and secure end-to-end wireless communications.

He joins EDC with experience that includes four years as a senior developer lead at American Express Canada’s Digital Lab, where he was responsible for establishing a consistent project management framework and development processes allowing for rapid software iterations using Agile methodology. Prior to American Express Canada, Narimani acted as security software engineer at Blackberry Ltd. and as senior software design engineer at Microsoft where he developed software systems in conjunction with hardware requirements for mobile devices.

Kiarash has a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

The software engineering team is rounded out by David Cauz, an existing developer at EDC with over 20 years of experience. Prior to working with EDC, he spent four years as a software lead at the TMX Group where he led the development of a net new server designed to aggregate financial risk data. Prior to TMX, Cauz spent three years with IBM Canada.

Christian Saucier, a peer-to-peer IT expert and EDC development director since 2015, will be leading the development team for the Equibit Core build, which is one of its flagship products with the code set to be released to the public via the company GitHub account at the end of June.

Saucier said:

“The ICO made it possible for us to recruit exceptionally strong software engineers with background and expertise in cryptographic systems. I’m really excited to get our first release out and show the world what will be possible with the core equibit blockchain.”

The Equibit Core application contains all the software necessary to run a full node on the Equibit blockchain network. It also interfaces with Bitcoin in order to complete the trading experience.


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