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Blockchain app platform Lisk updates full suite of applications

Lisk, a blockchain application platform, today announced updates to its full suite of applications; Lisk Core, Lisk Nano, and Lisk-JS. The updates signify an important milestone, bringing the platform closer to the launch of Lisk 1.0.0, the first major release.

Lisk 0.8.0, today’s update to the Lisk Core product, includes optimization of the databases, a refinement of the API layer and the resolution of several difficult bugs.

Lisk Nano 0.2.0, the light client used by LSK holders to transfer LSK without hosting a node of their own, now includes many sought-after features, including the ability to send all funds with a single click and to show pending transactions from the blockchain.

Lisk Foundation President Max Kordek

Max Kordek, President of the Lisk Foundation said:

“Lisk’s latest updates feature significant performance gains across all platforms, enhancing efficiency and usability while providing greater stability. Each update improves upon the solid foundation established by our previous releases, preparing for Lisk 1.0.0.”

“While efforts toward scalability are ongoing, these updates bring a much-needed step in the right direction. With our first major release, Lisk 1.0.0, in sight, we are closer to becoming the innovative, safe, and seamless blockchain application platform outlined since day one.”

Multi-signature functionality has now been implemented in Lisk-JS and is ready to use, marking an important step towards higher security for entity-owned funds. Furthermore, the latest version now includes the ability to locally encrypt messages using the account secret and the recipient account public key.

Oliver Beddows, Vice-President of the Lisk Foundation said:

“Following the optimization of our databases, our nodes now synchronize blocks after 20 seconds of not receiving new blocks, compared to 120 seconds previously. In addition, under 0.8.0 all existing APIs have been extracted into their own modules so that future development of the APIs will be easier to implement.”

“Our development team have undertaken a significant refactoring of Lisk Nano, and while this is invisible on the surface, we’ve laid the foundation for drastic changes to come, including the switch to a fully-featured desktop client for the Lisk network.”

“Lisk Nano and Lisk-JS are becoming tightly coupled projects, due to Nano’s reliance on Lisk-JS for all of its transactional API functions. The latest update, Lisk-JS 0.4.0, has many useful improvements for developers who may be looking to create their own wallets with the library.”

LSK, the cryptocurrency underpinning the platform, is currently sitting in 25th place of the most valuable digital currencies and is valued at over $35 million USD.