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Cryptocurrency platform Exodus announces better exchange pricing and listing of Golem

Users can now easily switch between and pricing feeds from the developer menu.

Cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform Exodus has announced their latest release which sees the first new asset listed on Exodus in 2017 with the inclusion of Golem (GNT). The Golem Project creates the first global market for idle computer power.

This is the first of many assets Exodus will roll out this year, with Augur (REP) set to be next on April 27th. It was also revealed that Factcom (FCT) will be added sometime in Q2.

It is worth noting that if users want to secure, manage or exchange Ethereum-powered assets (also called ERC20) such as Golem and soon Augur, Exodus recommends depositing and keeping a minimum of 0.1 Ethereum (ETH) in the Exodus wallet. This amount provides enough cushion to send or exchange all Ethereum-powered assets hundreds of times.

Upgrades are listed below:

New: Added Golem
BUGFIX: After importing a private key Exodus would show a “Transaction Successfully Sent” message before sending an asset. This was a UI error and it has been fixed.
BUGFIX: Refreshing no longer clears ShapeShift order info exchange links.
BUGFIX: Exodus now prevents you from sending to yourself.

New: Exchange between any asset for Golem.
IMPROVED: USD pricing improvements in the exchange. Exodus now defaults to more accurate pricing from



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