Crypto exchange HitBTC lists MaidSafe, Synereo and adds USD Tether

Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC has announced a few updates, first, the exchange has listed for trading MaidSafe and Synereo coins.

MaidSafe (MAID) and Synereo (AMP) coins are gaining popularity, developed by organizations who aim to create totally decentralized networks and provide unique features. Maidsafe builds safe and anonymous networks for file storage, and Synereo is developing a social network for sharing and monetizing content.

HitBTC also confirmed the availability of USDT. This means users are now able to credit their USD account and withdraw money without verification. This possibility is enabled through using USDT (Tether) coin where 1 USDT is always equivalent to 1 USD.

Once a user has chosen USD deposit/withdrawal, they now have two options. One, they can initiate a bank transfer (verification is required), or they can use their Tether wallet address to perform the desired transfer.

Lastly, the exchange provided a convenient update making it much easier to monitor major updates in the cryptocurrency world. Market data in user accounts is now supported with an overall view on the most valued, most increasing and decreasing markets. The data can also be filtered and arranged in an orderly way by currency, volume and price.

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