Litecoin Foundation successfully incorporated in Singapore

litecoin foundation singapore

The Litecoin Foundation announced today that after two months of work with its lawyer, the non-profit organization is finally incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee in Singapore.

For the LTC asset itself, this past week was something to behold as the currency doubled in a matter of 48 hours from its ever long consolidation at $4 USD to now over $8.50 USD.

With Bitcoin having on-going issues with its scaling debate, other cryptocurrencies have gotten a second look and chance to shine.

Recent 7-day LTC/USD chart pictured above. Litecoin finally makes a move to the upside in renewed buying interest.

The Litecoin Foundation was as recently as last December holding a contest for a 30 LTC reward for its corporate logo design on, the official website however still has no logo.


Litecoin Foundation Ltd. is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore (Unique Entity Number 201709179W). Its mission is to advance Litecoin for the good of society by developing and promoting state-of-the-art blockchain technologies.

Litecoin Core Development Team: Includes all developers of the Litecoin project. While the core team is different from Litecoin Foundation, Litecoin Foundation closely works together with the core team and supports them financially.

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