Digital trading firm Octagon Strategy launches Ethereum trading

octagon strategy launches OTC Ethereum trading

The launch of Ethereum trading provides Octagon Strategy greater opportunities to pursue. The firm has customers across more than 20 countries with the majority based in the US, Asia, and Europe. Octagon reported they’ve recorded growth of 1,100% in trade volume since its start.

Hong Kong-based commodities and digital assets trading house Octagon Strategy announced this past weekend that it has formally commenced trading Ethereum digital assets on its OTC trading desk.

ETH has been a strong performer in the digital asset space and has seen renewed interest due to its unique blockchain with smart contract capabilities. With the rising trend in ICOs, Ethereum has been one of the main beneficiaries. Corporate interest has also been lit with a new Alliance formed back in February of blue-chip multinationals engaged with Ethereum.

Ryan Rabaglia, Head Trader at Octagon Strategy

Ryan Rabaglia, Head Trader at Octagon Strategy said:

“This new offering further solidifies our position as Asia Pacific’s leading digital asset trading desk. Since we formally launched in 2016, cryptocurrencies have grown at a breakneck pace.  Whilst our largest traded asset remains bitcoin, we are observing buyers diversifying into other digital assets. Recent news coverage and high prices have driven interest in the wider digital assets sector. In the past year, the total market cap for Ethereum has risen from $875 million USD to over $4 billion USD. Savvy buyers have been clamoring for access to the market and the challenge for interested parties has traditionally been the difficulty to enter. At Octagon Strategy we believe we have the solution to that.”

ETH/BTC chart (Courtesy: Bitfinex) showing the strong recent performance of ether versus bitcoin
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