TenX to provide 1st Ethereum capable debit card, will test Dash

It was announced today from Singapore-headquartered TenX Technologies, formally known as OneBit… that the company will soon be enabling and launching support for Ethereum (ETH) on its cryptocurrency based debit cards.

The bitcoin-enabled debit cards starting shipping out last week.

TenX also informed they recently raised $1M USD in funding and is looking to integrate Dash into its ecosystem. TenX initially launched a campaign looking to raise 300 DASH to cover full development and product release for a functional Dash debit card that will be ready by Mid-April 2017.

However, the company further updated that it won’t need to wait for the payout to get started, as soon as it will have enough YES votes on the campaign, they will hire 1-2 extra developers and get started. As such, TenX confirmed they should have a working prototype by the end of the 2nd week of April and everything running by the end of the 3rd week of April.

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