Bitcoin wallet and card provider Cryptopay releases position on hard fork

Cryptopay,  a crypto wallet and payment platform where users can buy and sell bitcoins, order a BTC debit card, and accept crypto payments, announced today their official position on the possible bitcoin hard fork and what that means for clients of the company.

The Cryptopay team provided the following positions:

Transactions & deposits

“If the hard fork is to take place in the nearest future, we expect the suspension of all deposits/ transactions for about six hours. We strongly recommend our clients to refrain from making Bitcoin transactions during the hard fork to make sure your money won’t be lost due to the technical issues.”

Stored funds

“As we partner with BitGo, we fully rely on their scenario that excludes chances to lost money stored in wallets. Your transaction history will also remain the same no matter the fork because our databases won’t be anyhow affected.”

What am I able to do?

“If you still worry about the circumstances of the hard fork, we recommend you to exchange bitcoins to any fiat currency available for Cryptopay users. Fiat currencies are not the subject of the hard fork and will not be influenced in any way. After the storm would settle down, you can exchange them back.”

Cryptopay concluded its statement by saying it will remain vigilant and provide any noteworthy updates to its customers and partners,

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