Crypto exchange Quoine partners with Digital Garage to allow quick deposit service for Japan

Quoine, the Singapore-based crypto exchange announced that it has signed a contract with Japan’s Digital Garage, Inc. and subsidiary company e-context, Inc which handles payment settlement. The partnership will create a full-fledged quick deposit service for Japanese users.

The payment methods for quick deposit to be introduced:

Convenience Store Payment

– The convenience store settlement provided by e-context is a paperless convenience store payment that gives you an acceptance number that can be paid through a terminal at convenience stores immediately in response to your order.
– Convenience stores available are Lawson, Family Mart, Circle K Sunkus, Ministop, Seico Mart (as of March 2017).

Pay-easy Settlement

– Pay-easy is a bank settlement option that can be paid from an ATM or internet banking of various financial institutions without the input of an account number or payment amount.
– The nationwide financial institutions that can be used exceed the 370 lines such as city banks, regional banks, credit unions, credit cooperatives, rockers, agricultural cooperatives, etc. Please refer to the details here for a list of participating banks.

Net Bank Settlement

– Net Bank settlement provided by e-context is scheduled through Rakuten Bank, Japan Net Bank, and Jibun Bank.
– Customers who have an account from Net Bank enabled institutions will be able to easily make deposits simply by logging in to their online banking.

Quoine stated they are also considering the introduction of quick deposit by credit card in the future. Last week, aiming to better organize company segments, Quoine renamed its trading platform Quoinex coinciding with its newly upgraded exchange dashboard.

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