HitBTC lists BTU/BTC, will freeze withdrawals for 48 hours in a Bitcoin fork

Europe based cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC has announced today their contingency plan in case of a Bitcoin hard fork. Should such an event take place, anyone who possesses BTC on HitBTC will be entitled to the same amount of BTU.

Any number of bitcoins deposited or already in a customer’s possession will be reflected by the same amount of BTU. This is effective from now until the hard fork if it happens. To speculate on potential outcomes, BTU/BTC futures have been listed on the exchange. In case of the fork, BTC and BTU withdrawals temporarily locked.

This is in effect from now until 48 hours after the hard fork to ensure the safety of funds. Should a hard fork not take place before the established deadline, HitBTC plans to issue a survey, so that users can vote on what to do next.

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