Singapore’s TenX announces Bitcoin debit card now shipping

Singapore-based cryptocurrency solutions provider TenX, announced today their long-awaited physical Bitcoin debit card is now ready to ship.

The card comes with CHIP and Tap & Pay functionality. In December 2016, the company started beta testing its virtual card service, which is expected to be fully launched soon.
International shipping (taking anywhere from 10 -15 days) will cost USD $15, paid through the TenX app. Additionally, active cards will be charged a yearly $3.50 fee.

Previously known as OneBit the company renamed itself earlier this month to TenX, which they said is in line with their vision to grow more than 10x while providing its users with financial services on the blockchain. The firm’s flagship wallet also renamed to TenX Wallet from OneBit Wallet accordingly.

The company decided to ship its OneBit branded cards out first, calling them ‘OneBit Edition’, but was probably leftover before the rebranding occurred.

More than just a crypto payment solution, TenX provides blockchain asset exchange and liquidity, and will soon be launching an ICO, with more details on that soon to come.

TenX also made known that Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens will soon be available on the platform.

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