BitPay and Copay supply major unified code release for upgraded bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin payment provider BitPay, announced today the release of version 3.0 for its Copay and BitPay wallets. The release brings together the codebases of Copay and BitPay and pushes ahead of the vision the company has for their Copay platform working side by side by the BitPay wallet.

Both apps are now design-for-design and feature-for-feature compatible (with the exception of the BitPay app’s BitPay Card integration). Copay continues to be BitPay’s main development head for the BitPay wallet platform.

Copay received major design and performance upgrades featured on the BitPay wallet app which significantly advanced the performance of the Copay wallet project.

With this release, Copay remains a straightforward multi-sig bitcoin wallet with basic functionality, but users now users can also choose to opt into using Gift Card and bitcoin exchange integrations.

This design consolidation also means that Copay users get introduced to bitcoin and secure bitcoin storage through the same simple backup flow that was introduced with the BitPay app.

Also new in BitPay version 3.0 is dynamic pricing, which has been gaining popularity in the industry as network fees have increased. The new ‘urgent fee policy’ setting allows users to instruct a wallet to include a higher fee for a transaction in order for it to get confirmed sooner.


Copay is BitPay’s free and open source software run on non-proprietary servers, so there’s no need to rely on any company for continuous support. Anyone can review or contribute to Copay’s source code on GitHub. The BitPay wallet app is an officially-supported BitPay distribution of the Copay project.

The main difference between BitPay and Copay is the BitPay app’s integration with the BitPay Card – a prepaid Visa debit card that can securely pair, manage, and top up through the BitPay app. For people living on bitcoin, this makes the BitPay wallet app handy interface for managing both traditional finances and bitcoin spending/savings wallets.

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