Zcash announces its spinning off sibling company

Zcash announced today that it will spin off its sibling company, Least Authority Enterprises, which now has a new full-time CEO in Liz Steininger. Least Authority, formed in 2011 is incorporated in Berlin, Germany and has launched a new web site.

The Least Authority team continues to do specialized security audits and create freedom-compatible technologies, including a user-friendly way to use their secure storage product, with more product development in the works.

Right now you can sign up for Least Authority’s “S4” service, which is a cloud storage service built on top of Amazon S3, with the addition of Zcash advanced open source end-to-end encryption so that your data is never exposed to snooping or injection.

Zooko Wilcox Founder & CEO, Zcash said:

“The Zcash company grew out of a company named “Least Authority”. It was when we were Least Authority that we did a security audit of Ethereum and several other successful security audits (CryptoCat, GlobalLeaks, SpiderOak, and Ooni). Least Authority also developed the advanced cryptographically-protected, decentralized file store, Tahoe-LAFS.””When we formed a new company to launch Zcash (the “Zerocoin Electric Coin

Company”, a.k.a. “The Zcash Company”), we split off from Least Authority and at first I tried to continue acting as the CEO of both companies at once. Perhaps I was influenced by the legends of Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, two people who currently serve as CEOs of two different companies.”

In a prelude to this move, last week Zcash announced the formation of The Zcash Foundation with the aim being to serve as a forum for the Zcash community to work its way through governance issues.

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