SpectroCoin increases support to 41 cryptocurrencies for debit card

Bitcoin service and payments provider SpectroCoin, has announced today extended support to over 41 different cryptocurrencies. Users can now choose from a range of altcoins to load their SpectroCoin Wallet and debit cards. They can even use these supported altcoins to top up their mobile phones, buy gift vouchers or withdraw money using a variety of available methods.

The 41 supported cryptocurrencies on SpectroCoin includes the existing Bitcoin and DASH options, along with the likes of Ethereum, Monero, LiteCoin, ZCash, Augur, and others.

The latest announcement takes SpectroCoin one step closer to its vision of becoming a service provider for a spectrum of alternative cryptocurrencies used for payments. The team behind SpectroCoin has been consistently working for the past three years to make the company’s vision a reality.

The company started offering bitcoin debit cards to make it easier for people to spend cryptocurrency for their daily needs. These cards act as an alternative to standard fiat debit cards and can be used at any ATM or Point of Sale terminals accepting Visa or MasterCard cards across the world. Currently, SpectroCoin debit cards are the fastest and easiest way to spend the preferred cryptocurrency anywhere. It is also the most inexpensive prepaid debit card option available in the cryptocurrency industry, starting at as less as US$ 0.5 with no loading fee.

Since its inception three years ago, SpectroCoin began creating solutions around Bitcoin, the most widely used cryptocurrency at the time. Met with great success, the Bitcoin debit card is currently available in over 120 countries globally. The platform gradually started extending its services to include other cryptocurrencies, starting with DASH.

The inclusion of DASH Wallet allowed users to send, receive payments and top-up the prepaid debit cards using DASH. SpectroCoin also offers DASH merchant solutions, allowing shops and businesses to accept DASH payments from customers and receive settlements in relevant fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP and more) over SpectroCoin merchant API and shopping cart plugins.

The addition of new altcoins is a result of the positive response and significant traction gained by the platform’s DASH solutions. Users can now fund their SpectroCoin wallets with the supported altcoins and then use it to top-up the debit cards or exchange and withdraw it using one of the many withdrawal methods offered by the company. SpectroCoin will extend full support to these altcoins including wallets and payment processing solutions, on par with those currently available for Bitcoin and DASH.

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