Poloniex experiences API issues with Coinigy trading platform

Cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform Coinigy, today informed its users that over the past couple of days, they have received an influx of customers reporting issues with crypto exchange Poloniex through the Coinigy platform.

Most notably, Coinigy says users have been receiving errors that include orders not placing and balances not updating.

Poloniex has been experiencing a record number of users recently and unfortunately, in turn, their API has been having issues. Coinigy reported the problems to Poloniex and is waiting to hear back.

Coinigy wants to reemphasize to users that these issues are not on Coinigy’s end but are due to Poloniex’s API rejecting its requests.

The Coinigy team stated:

“We strongly suspect it’s due to their systems being overloaded. We thank you for your patience while we await a response on their end. Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this matter — we’ll try our best to alleviate any inconvenience this may be having on you.”

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