Bitcoin trading platform First Global Credit now accepting US customers

It was just announced that First Global Credit is now accepting customers from the United States (New York and Washington excluded).

First Global Credit offers trading in global securities, including US stocks in the form of CFDs. The company does not have a presence in the United States and is not a US regulated Broker-Dealer.

The company is able to accept US investors that are qualified investors and also experienced with cryptocurrency.

First Global Credit was one of the world’s first company to bring the profit opportunities existing in mainstream markets within the reach of digital currency holders.

With a presence in Geneva, London, and Hong Kong, the company has been founded by risk management specialist Gavin Smith and Marcie Terman. Smith and Terman head a team with over 35 years’ collective experience building and managing trading and back-office systems for trading companies and banks operating in London and Geneva.

CryptoNinjas reached out to Marcie Terman who stated:

“The reason for us not accepting New York and Washington state customers is that those states have been quite direct in their negative stance on cryptocurrency businesses and we are in compliance with this. But you can also look at states like Texas and New Hampshire where their attitude is quite different and they are adopting a regulatory environment much less draconian towards cryptocurrency companies.”

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