Bitcoin derivatives exchange Deribit increases leverage back to 10x after ETF ruling

Derbit, the Lithuanian based bitcoin futures and options exchange today announced they changed Initial Margin back to 10% and Maintenance Margin back to 5%. If the market remains “stable”

Deribit notes they might reduce margin requirements more sometime in the next days.

During yesterday’s highly volatile period leading into the SEC ETF rule change decision to allow for listing bitcoin ETFs, the exchange says it did not see any bankruptcies. Back on Thursday, the exchange took protective measures by temporary increasing Initial Margin to 15% and Maintenance Margin to 7.5%.

Futures details for now:

– Initial margin: 10% (10x leverage)
– Maintenance margin: 5%
– Taker fee: 0.05%
– Maker fee: -0.02%

Futures details leading up to SEC ruling:

– Initial margin: 15% (6.6x leverage)
– Maintenance margin: 7.5% (changed on 9th of March)
– Taker fee: 0.05%
– Maker fee: -0.02%

Normally the exchange provides up to 20x leverage on futures and 10x leverage on options.

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