Coinfloor sets 24-hour bitcoin volume record on SEC ETF volatility

It was just announced by the UK’s leading bitcoin exchange Coinfloor they have set a new 24-hour volume record in bitcoin traded. The London exchange platform reported 3,265.3878 XBT which equals £3.1M GBP was traded during the period.

Price action was intense leading up to the SEC rule change decision to allow for listing bitcoin-based ETFs in the US. The rule change was shot down but, as expected, caused much volatility until the decision was released.

Bitcoin spiked as low as $1,000 and all the way up to $1,300 early in the North American session before retreating. Next, in the hours leading toward the decision, BTC went on a steady climb upwards on a bit of “buy” the rumor and “sell” the news price action. BTC dumped to $950 immediately after the SEC ruling came out, but in the hours after has shown tremendous strength settling back nicely above the $1,100 handle.

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