launches new settlement mode, transaction accelerator and new languages, a bitcoin wallet, blockchain explorer and mining pool provider has announced three new updates today. First, the company announced a new settlement mode called ‘Full Pay Per Share.’

This new settlement mode increases miners revenue by as much as 9% at certain transaction fee levels when compared to traditional PPS. hopes this settlement mode will serve as an incentive for new miners to join its open-source pool.

The company noted nothing needs to be done by miners already mining on its pool to activate the newly improved mining settlement mode, its automatically applied for all users. If you’re mining with the pool, expect to see improved earnings.

Secondly, a language update to the Bitcoin Wallet sees the service now available in these languages: Spanish, Dutch, French,  Russian, Swahili, and Hindi. The company says other languages will be released soon, alongside, a currency denominations update.

Lastly, in cooperation with other bitcoin pools, announced the launch of the Transaction Accelerator. Users will enjoy a 75% probability of confirming a Bitcoin transaction on the blockchain within 1 hour, and up to 98% within 4 hours.

This service is intended for users with unconfirmed transactions with low fee’s. noted the pool will subsidize miners to ensure their earnings. is a business of China-based Bitmain Technologies, but the company is headquartered in Amsterdam.

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