HaoBTC rebrands as Bixin as exchange closes to focus on wallet

Chinese digital currency provider HaoBTC has officially rebranded and renamed itself Bixin today in the midst of shutting down its exchange operations.

Last week, the Chinese company informed users that the main services of HaoBTC are their bitcoin wallet, mining pool, and hashrates, and to guarantee those services in the long run, the exchange along with RMB deposits would be discontinued.

The company stated last week:

“Given the fact that the prospect of regulatory policy for Chinese bitcoin exchange is not clear yet, to ensure the majority of users to use our wallet like always, after a reluctant deliberation, we have decided to remove the exchange from our wallet and to cease the RMB deposits.”

On February 15, 2017, the HaoBTC Exchange was removed from the company wallet, and all the open orders were canceled. It’s a new day for HaoBTC as it starts operations renewed as Bixin. You can view the company logo in the image above.

Bi(币) means “money” or “coin” in Chinese (for example, Bitcoin is “比特币”), and xin(信) means “trust” and “message”.

Starting today February 22nd, HaoBTC.com will now be accessible at Bixen.com while the old domain will still be available for a short while.

The Bixin app from HaoBTC was originally launched on January 24th and included payment, group chat, and more, it looks like a smart move to retire the HaoBTC brand as the company looks to the future, dropping the BTC name can also allow the company to look towards a variety of other digital assets to service beyond bitcoin.

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