BitXatm open source project released

Germany based BitXatm Technology LLC announced today it’s now releasing the “ Open Source” project to be hosted at

Based on its flagship equipment SumoATM, it will come with the same high-quality components, carefully selected and tested for the SumoATM product range, with the same coated special aeronautics aluminum alloy framework, will look exactly like SumoATM, and with open source software.

BitXatm Technology, an IP owner, will release the Open Source project and will maintain the SumoATM line in production with enhanced functions for Enterprise level.

The company announced it will keep this open source, two-way ATM at the market price of $5,900 USD, plus it comes with a free shipping worldwide, included in the price.

Average shipping time for BitXatm machines is between 6 and 8 weeks after the order is placed.

Source code for the OS will be published on the URL posted above, and is available for all those interested in working and developing this project for free, and BitXatm will offer paid enterprise support.

Those interested can email to to gain access to the beta project.

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