Coinbase to add new currencies in 2017

In a blog entry today, popular U.S. headquartered digital currency exchange Coinbase CEO & Co-founder Brian Armstrong discussed how Coinbase is transitioning into a full provider of cryptocurrency, not just bitcoin, which of course, is the leading digital asset.

The transition was certainly taken into account when the exchange launched its institutional trading venue last year, aptly named GDAX, short for Global Digital Asset Exchange.

Currently, Coinbase supports bitcoin and ether.

Brian Armstrong, Co-Founder, and CEO, Coinbase

Mr. Armstrong discussed this and supporting new currencies in the upcoming year saying:

“…you’ll see Coinbase and GDAX continue to support more cryptocurrencies in 2017. As the most popular retail exchange (Coinbase) and institutional exchange in the U.S. (GDAX), we want to make it easy for people to use all types of digital currencies.”

“Our goal going forward is to not play favorites, or support one digital currency more than any other, but simply to make it easy way for customers to buy and sell whatever digital currencies they want. In this way, we can help support growth of the digital currency industry overall.”

He went on to conclude:

“I love Bitcoin and it is not going anywhere. It appears to be the reserve currency of the digital currency space — a sort of digital gold if you will.”

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