Monero developers release beta GUI wallet

The team of open-source cryptocurrency Monero, announced today that due to the increase of production from its core team of developers with the release of RingCT (lauded as the most confidential and anonymous cryptography in the marketplace) set to be released mid-January). they have now released a beta of their GUI wallet.

Dodging tracing, surveillance, and monitoring, while being invisible on the blockchain, Monero will allow underground banks and investors to feel safer doing cryptocurrency transactions.  Allowing people to take control of their money, consumer domination is forcing popular Chinese exchanges OKCoin and BTCC to integrate to XMR.

Friendly-GUI wallets without fees for consumers, banks, and investors, the cryptocurrency is used to transfer funds into CNY outside the country to avoid deflation.  Thus, the focus of Monero is to keep it valuable, less volatile, and extremely private.

A representative for Monero stated:

“China’s population will skyrocket the price of Monero. This could cause the next round of cryptonaires. With Bitcoin, some bought at $1 or $15 and the price is now around $800. It could be another baby boomer for cryptocurrency millionaires and remember the worth can be converted to USD easily.”