Coinify and Greece’s Bcash partner for bitcoin acquisition via cards and bank transfer

Today Denmark-based Coinfy, a blockchain payment service provider announced a new partnership with Greece-based Bcash, a bitcoin ATM provider and online exchange which will enable its customers to buy bitcoin via cards.

The strategic partnership will provide Bcash customers across Europe with the opportunity to buy bitcoin quicker and easier than before. Over the past years buying bitcoin was a very difficult, expensive and slow process. Coinify will now provide the solution to this problem via their new buy bitcoin interface for Bcash Greece Inc.

Bcash Director Pavlos Tsolaridis said:

“Our company has been involved in a very friendly but at the same time competitive and fragile industry and we are glad that we found an ally in Coinify. As a team, Bcash Greece Inc. believes this can be the start of something revolutionary and at last bitcoin can be embraced and used by a larger group of people. I believe that simplicity is the key to everything and Coinify just made it happen.”

In order to get bitcoins, Bcash users will need to enter the required information on Bcash’s page and then proceed to the payment page where a new and very easy to use KYC/AML solution is implemented. Buyers just need to follow a simple authentication procedure during the first card purchase, which will enable nearly instantaneous top ups in the subsequent card orders.

Coinify CEO and Co-Founder Mark Højgaard

Coinify CEO and Co-Founder Mark Højgaard added:

“Since the introduction of capital controls in Greece, the demand for bitcoin has been growing steadily, pushing this decentralized blockchain-based currency more towards the mainstream. We trust that the partnership with Bcash will help making bitcoin acquisition faster, easier and ultimately more convenient not only for the Greek, but also other European Bcash users.”

Buyers will be soon able to make use of another option to buy bitcoins – directly via bank transfer, which can be considered as a very steady alternative solution. Besides the online platform, Bcash offers another means for getting bitcoin – via the first greek two-way bitcoin ATM, which can be found in the center of Athens.

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