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Cindicator initiates Symbiotic Network to team with and tokenize like-minded businesses

The Cindicator Symbiotic Network unites new types of DAOs and creates a synergetic exchange of resources and knowledge.

Cindicator, a tokenized fintech company that enables effective asset management through predictive analytics based on Hybrid Intelligence, today reported the launch of its Symbiotic Network of tokenized startups and distributed organizations.

This ideological alliance aims to unite all like-minded DAOs in a global network to solve the world’s most pressing issues.

The members of the Symbiotic Network will strengthen each other’s products and technologies.¬†Cindicator will help its partners to tokenize their businesses and create circular economies, sharing experience, connections, and other resources.

Cindicator welcomes companies that:

  • have the potential to create a technology or business synergy with Cindicator’s HI;
  • research and develop new protocol layers of DLT to strengthen the digital assets ecosystem;
  • create new models for decision-making and management of decentralized organizations and networks.

“We are facilitating a network of partners and are anticipating synergies with teams of a new type – tokenized companies. The network ideology is ingrained in the DNA of these organizations. They understand the importance of uniting and sharing resources and knowledge, which is essential in today’s world where a wave of distributed ledger technologies and digital assets is precipitating a new type of thinking and new societies.”

Yuri Lobyntsev, co-founder, and CTO of Cindicator

3 companies have already joined Symbiotic Network. They are Svandis, a platform for financial research with analytical and visualization tools for the crypto community, Blue Frontiers, a leader of seasteads movement that is building a permanent settlement on floating structures in French Polynesia, and SLP, a decentralized platform for loyalty programs with a blockchain based bonus points exchange.

Symbiotic Network

The Symbiotic Network is Cindicator's initiative that helps tech startups and companies create and grow their internal tokenized economies

“Today’s governments and other centralized institutions are ill-equipped to adapt to accelerating technological, societal, and economic changes. When a system cannot be transformed from the top, it changes from the inside. This is happening right now. Ideology-driven network organizations of the new economy are emerging everywhere. The decentralized network is able to produce insights, unexpected ideas, and solutions. It brings creativity and security and makes the whole ecosystem highly adaptive.”

Mike Brusov, co-founder and CEO of Cindicator


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