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ICE³X implements new updates with SegWit, Zcash, and DASH support

Example of new dark mode exchange shown above.

South African bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange ICE3X has announced a few updates aimed at improving user experience along with some new coin support. First, the exchange has added new crypto assets with Dash, Zcash, Dogecoin.

Further, ICE3X has solidified trading options for Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin, with all now available direct with Bitcoin. This allows users to simply exchange against BTC and not only with Rand. Not to mention, users who have accounts on other international exchanges will be able to do arbitrage trading more easily.

ICE3X exchange improvements in the latest series of updates can be seen below:

  • Updated order slips –  users can now use a % selector to select a percentage of your balance to trade on a specific instrument.
  • SegWit Addresses rolled out – the company has successfully rolled out Segwit enabled addresses for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Market orders – market orders have been in a testing phase and have now been enabled for trading. Market orders are executed immediately at current market prices in the order book. The trading engine will trade the volume requested at the best price possible.
  • Light and Dark mode enabled – the application will now have a UI preference feature for light and dark versions of the exchange available for all users.
  • Instant payments via First National Bank – scheduled to go live April 8th, overall fiat payment speed has been improved
  • Cryptocurrency payment processing speeds – now cryptocurrencies on the exchange are now using the Merkel processor, which enables accelerated transactions for users.

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